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I have recently had the pleasure of meeting charismatic Vinyl Black Stilettos front women Laura Dre.  Funny, smart, sassy and yes, damn sexy, Laura embodies the ethos of her band.  Vinyl Black Stilettos are moving fast so catch them now and be ahead of the mob when everyone is talking about them by the end of the year.

As the LGBT community (and their supporters!) gears up for the Pride season I wanted to know what Gay Pride means to the out and proud singer? With characteristic frankness Laura replies “What it means to me.. drinking at 10AM, meet new lezzos and party with the new lezzos until 6AM. I’m expressing the joy of gay pride with the hangover I’ll have the next morning. And maybe waking up to a beautiful, random lady.”

With such a party approach to Pride I wonder if there is any political agenda behind the band’s music and Laura states “No political agenda. I enjoy the creative freedom, so I want to write about things whatever I feel like, whether it’s about blonde stalker chicks or your vagina. The freedom is what counts. Not sure what my music can do socially apart from making us dance, we would have to find out!”

The band: Jay, Laura D, Lya (drums) and Dionysus D at GoGo Festival 2011 © Lel Pix 2011

The band are currently using a variety of drummers whilst they search for a permenant drummer for the band – who must be female. Laura explains “I don’t like the idea of having a full girl band, it’s just too much drama. I like to bitch around the boys and it’s easier to get along with them in general. A girl drummer would be the best for us, preferably topless. Playing drums is just male dominated, so try to find a really good female drummer and the band is different than the usual set up.  I like to stand out with the band and like to think outside the box whenever we perform a show. Little things like that definitely catch the eye and make a difference.”

When it comes to standing out they certainly do and I want to know how Laura feels before one of her high octane gigs. “Before [they go on stage] it’s the “I wanna shit in my pants” kind of feeling. Not nervous when I’m on the stage, but I tend to get nervous when the guitar strap falls off or when I drop the stupid guitar pick in the middle of the set. Of course the guitar strap had to come off at GoGo when we opened the set. I’m gonna blame our guitar roadie who set up my guitar, bad Yannis! I should have taped it with some gaffa tape – next time! Other than that it’s a great feeling, I kinda forget everything around me and I’m in my “zone”. Thank god my eye-sight is bad, if I’d see a beautiful lady in the front row, it would be total distraction. It could seriously affect my set lol. One example, say you go workout in the gym, and do you know the machine to work out your inner thighs? You’d press your legs together and open them up, you intend to do a set of 30. And then right next to you, sits this beautiful girl doing the same thing, except she gets her work out done and you don’t! Don’t tell me you wouldn’t look! it’s very distracting.”

With this in mind…which shows have the bands really enjoyed: “We absolutely loved GoGo festival, by far the best show, however let’s not talk about the sound as I have no clue what it was like. Sound check was denied for us and the other bands due bad weather conditions which was a shame. And worst? Oak Bar! LOL. My friend Esther runs a night called Chicks Rock, I love her to bits and pieces and the concept of it, however not the venue. It was the worst venue with the shittiest sound system we ever played at. One word for knowledgeable musicians: “Limiter”.” On that note what venues does Laura enjoy playing? “The venues that have at least 300 lezzos in them.” And dream touring partners…? “Was really looking forward to meeting Uh Huh Her at GoGo, but they cancelled unfortunately. Definitely would love to go on tour with them. Apart from them I’d love to go on tour with Blondie, Garbage or hey! Britney Spears!! I can picture myself making a surprise appearance during “Womanizer” haha, ok maybe it wouldn’t surprise that many people actually lol.”

During all of these shows I am interested in what makes the most gratifying sight as Laura looks out (with her bad eyesight!) from the stage and she tells me “It’s the moment when ladies take off their bras and knickers and throw them at me! Only kidding! This year at GoGo I actually threw a couple of MY panties and bras into the crowd. Time for the artist to do this. Thought that would be funny and turned out to be a great idea, lots of girls were trying to catch the goodies and tagged themselves and myself in the pictures which I truly love.”

The future of Vinyl Black Stilettos is bright but when I ask about a tour Laura informs me that they are waiting until the timing is right.  “I think we should look into getting a new drummer and a manager first. But I’ll let everyone know upcoming shows and tours. To get the latest news stalk us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.”

The last word during this pride week, when the emphasis is on support and solidarity goes to Laura: “Support more lezzo bands ladies and go to more lezzo gigs!”  Start tomorrow at Candy bar’s street party on Carlisle Street where Laura Dre will be performing Blonde Stalker Chick.  Come armed with a red, red tie for flash mob opportunities.

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