Die Freundin has unpacked, showered, slept and recovered from the shock of not having beer in a field for breakfast so it’s time to share the GoGo experience.

Die Freundin editor Danielle Cooper indulging in a traditional festival breakfast

The weekend started off in a soggy field in Kent in the driving rain on Friday, 17th June. It was going to take more than the rain to dampen the excitement though and the atmosphere was full of friendship and frolics from the off with everyone pitching in to help set up the tents (pun totally and unapologetically intended). With home for the next three days organised people began to drift towards the Big Tent.

Initially an air of nervousness and uncertainty pervaded as people looked around the almost empty dance floor. The constant downpour, the ready supply of beer and the jumping tunes soon drove people into the Big Tent however and got the party started in earnest.

Highlights of the opening night party as far The Girlfriend is concerned were charismatic Candy bar resident DJ Sandra D spinning up a storm and the divaliscious Katherine Ellis belting out tunes to the Freemasons beats. DJ Lil’ Jo and DJ Lady Bex also mixed up mayhem and got the crowd jumping however Sandra’s set so stirred up the crowd with every hit she spun, that one GoGo girl, giddy with excitement leapt on stage taking her t-shirt off before shaking her booty and being joined by another reveller for a dance that got the crowd whooping.

A young lady shows her, erm, enthusiasm, during DJ Sandra D’s sizzling set and attracts a fellow dancer onto the stage

Katherine Ellis followed the DJs with amazing command of the stage in an eye popping red and black outfit that said “Let’s get this party started”. The crowd where soon eating out of her satin gloved hands as her incredible vocal performance lifted the atmosphere through the roof. Flirty, fun and fabulous darling, KE accompanied by the Freemasons beats were an awesome act.

Katherine Ellis owning the stage in the Big Tent

Feeling more like a huge house party than a festival, this gathering of girls partied until twelve before moving off to the tents (via the dodgems) where the fun continued for some until the sun came up.

There was considerable disappointment on Saturday that Uh Huh Her had sadly pulled out due to illness. It didn’t stop the party however as the main stage hosted a hot line-up and people milled about making their own entertainment in the intermittent sunshine: browsing the stalls selling sex toys, t-shirts and hand crafted leather goods, trying their hand at some of the adrenalin pumping activities on offer such as the climbing wall and sky diving and keeping their energy up with some of the festival food on offer.

GoGo Girls making the most of a sunny interval

The Big Tent hosted Flirty Bertie on Saturday afternoon and we took a seat on the floor inside to watch the drag king extraordinaire transform GoGo girls into GoGo guys with the aid of some make-up, glue and snippets of hair. We are advised that superglue is not the adhesive to use…

Speed dating in the Big tent was all a bit much for The Girlfriend who found the rows upon rows of lesbians lining up for a 60 second chat a bit daunting – especially when the compere began to point out couples who had successfully paired off… would love to hear from anyone who is seeing their speed date again though?!

Live music from the huge line up which included Red N Pink, JOANovARC and I am Harlequin kept the GoGo girls out during the intermittent rain. Betty however were the heroes of the hour when they stepped up to fill Uh Huh Her’s slot and a rousing performance whetted people’s appetites for their set the following day. Betty finished as the sun fell and it was back into the packed out Big Tent for more DJ action, where we were joined by the GoGo girls who had Saturday day tickets.

Red N Pink
I Am Harlequin
Betty’s Elizabeth Ziff and Amy Ziff
Betty’s Alyson Palmer

Sunday broke through with the same sunshine/rain tag team that Saturday had seen and excitement was high as people prepared to giggle through the comedy sets and dribble through Heather Peace and Jill Jackson’s performances. The Girlfriend was blown away by the delicious sound of the soulful Karima Francis, who, with a touch of Tracy Chapman in her voice, sang a set so beautiful in it’s simplicity. Heather Peace and Jill Jackson both delighted the crowd with their distinctive voices and big humour. Heather Peace also dueted with Horse much to the delight of the crowd. Betty followed them on stage for round two.

Heather Peace

Jill Jackson

A flash mob of dancers delighted everyone at the main stage in the afternoon when, following a workshop in the Big Tent, they broke into a routine to a medley of popular tracks. After the acts had all finished on the main stage it was dancing all round back at the Big Tent. Feeling like an all girl version of Grease we danced our muddy boots off to some magnificent mixes of hot hits before skipping out to the dogdems for one last whizz then back to the tents for drinking games and giggles in the dark.

Friendships were made, memories will be treasured and The Girlfriend will be buying her earlybird ticket for next year asap.

Die Freundin would like to thank Lizzy Doe @ lizzydoe.co.uk for her beautiful images of the live acts on the main stage and heartily recommends that you check out her gorgeous website.

If you have any experiences or photographs to add to this account of GoGo please get in touch – we would love to hear your thoughts! Ed.

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