Hopefully you don’t need an excuse for a smooch with your gorgeous girlfriend or beautiful boyfriend but this Saturday, 18th June 2011, you can join forces with Lush and make your kisses count.

The ethically minded cosmetics giant is asking its American and Canadian customers to join them to kiss marriage inequality goodbye.  According to their website you should “Bring your significant other and/or family to your local LUSH shop on June 18th. In light of the 1138 rights denied to same sex couples at 11:38am exactly (local time) LUSH staff, customers, family and friends will be simultaneously Kissing in support of marriage equality and telling the government to make same-sex marriage legal by signing postcards addressed to state representatives. Our goal is to get at least 1138 couples out kissing across the nation, stop by your local LUSH store to be part of kissing DOMA good-bye!”

Die Freundin has already signed the petition at Lush.com and hopes to see a change in the inequality that prevents gay couples from expressing their love and commitment for each other in the same way as straight couples are able to do.  We’re getting the lip balm out and puckering up in support here at the Die Freundin offices and encourage our transatlantic cousins to come out in force.  To find local Lush stores taking part click here.

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